May 17, 2008

News from Lour & Grey

Okay, I lied. There is really not any new news (new news? o.O) to report in our world. At the moment we are still chugging along and trying to survive.

The only SNI-related news in our happy little realm is that we received a call the other day that we're late on our STA payment. Naturally, as we were told we had been white-washed as of Wednesday and are on the waiting list to return, we did not expect to have to pay anything. Certainly not without notice.

I am so glad Grey spoke to the collector and not I, because I would have blown my top. I might have gone - forgive the term - apeshit. They are asking for 1200 dollars - each. I am furious. I am seething. I am-


I suppose we'll have to pay, and then they'll apply that to the balance for when we go back. So at least we won't have to pay twice. But considering how strapped we are, and how much we still owe just to get back on our feet (rent, bills, etc)... Its a scary, stressful time to be in our collective wallets.


But anyway, that's really all that's going on.

April 29, 2008

Obligatory Updates

Well, its been awhile since our last post...three weeks, I guess. Wow. Anywhoo. Trucking, with STA or not, has been put on the back burner for awhile. We just can't afford to go weeks without pay (after doing so in March/April) and paying up front is not going to happen - right now anyway. Maybe in about two years, tee-hee.


What are we up to?

I am a lucky Lour. My previous employer accepted me back and so off I run to the wonderful world of tech support. I really enjoy the position and the people I work with, so its definitely no hardship to head back there. And I have a window seat this time, so yay.

Grey is doing a driving job again - this time in a smaller vehicle (my poor little green car!) and delivering Pharmaceuticals for a private pharmacy. He really digs it and the money is good. I've ridden along with him a few times already - for instance last night we took an 8 hour trip to the very southern edge of Maryland! Its kind of fun, really.

Naturally, since I was up at 5:30 am and didn't get home again until 2:52 am, I slept most of the way home in the car and I'm kinda tired. I just hope my typing this morning isn't too loud. I'd hate to wake Grey up just yet. He had a long night.

Anyway - that's the news here in our world.

April 08, 2008

On Hiatus

Well, the fifth has come and gone and Grey and I are still not at the STA. We just can't swing it right now financially. So, maybe (maybe) once we get all our bills and whatnot caught up and our savings back above zero (oy vey!) that we can take another stab at the big orange dream.

Until then, I'll probably still be posting and reading at PumpkinDriver because - well, I'm addicted - and I'll definitely be following up with other folk like T-Net & Joe's blog, for instance, just to see "what happens next".

In the meantime, we're both headed back to work shortly and hopefully, it will all come out well in the wash. Thanks again for the support, guys - once we get our ducks in a row, I have no doubt we'll give it another try. Our gal in GB told us - no worries, when you're ready, call us. And so we will.

April 01, 2008

Coming up on Day One Again

Well, we haven't heard from CityMouse & company since they hit the STA - I hope everything is going well for them.

Grey is set to head back April 5th (this Friday) and get going. They didn't have room for two this week - plus, after three weeks sans work and therefore, sans income - our savings have dwindled abominably and since we were kinda behind anyway... well, its getting scary.

So I am post-poning my own trip to the STA and begging my old job back. Keep your fingers crossed for Grey though, at least one of us will end up a Pumpkinhead. ;)

March 26, 2008

See Lour Blog.

See Lour Panic.

See Lour Freak-Out.

Stop Lour, stop!

See Lour suck it up and get ready to go back to the STA.

Go Lour, go!

*chuckles* Whatever. The point is that Grey & I went up and re-took our Drug Screening and so we should (FINALLY) be ready to go back to the STA and get driving our Pumpkin. Woot.

Whatever happens from here on out, I'm just so ready for the whole thing to be over. Jeez, what a production. What a long month. What a *sigh* ... oy vey.